Pisonet USB Cut-off

USB Cut-off disconnects devices connected from usb cable extension or usb port extension connecting to PC using the timer relay.

usb cut-off devices

You can use this to disable your speaker, keyboard and mouse when the time is over. Piso Secure required this method to work.

You can use USB Extension Cable, USB Port Extension or Front Panel USB.
How will this work?


You need to peel off the cable and find the 5v wire (usually it is color red). After connect it to timer relay wires. Finish.



How to install Piso Secure

Piso Secure  Requirements and Prerequisite

- USB Flash Drive (any capacity, even broken usb (corrupted partition/files get corrupted)

- USB Cut-off Timer for USB Flash Drive

.Net Framework 4.5  (Piso Secure will not work  without installing this first)


 Installing Piso Secure – Download Link 

1. Extract PisoSecure_Installer.zip

2. Click setup and install (Don’t change the destination folder)

3. Done


How  to configure Piso Secure

1. Run it as Administrator

2. Right Click the notification icon and click settings (default password is admin)

3. In the settings windows you can change password, change lock screen message and block app from running

to block applications from running simple list down the app by line.

4. Check Secure to secured your system. (You must check this to protect pisosecure and system)

5. Choose the drive where your usb insterted. (Make sure you choose the correct drive)

5. Save and Restart Your PC.